Weekend Warriors.


So… as with any renovation we have had a little timing hiccup.  Due to some summer vacations taken by the inspectors in our town we’ve had to come to a halt on the finish work until they show up to give us the a-okay. SO FRUSTRATING. My guys were totally on schedule and ready for our Wednesday move in and now we have to stay in a hotel and my parent’s house. No, not the worst thing in the world, but I hate being uprooted. Perhaps this will be a good lesson in patience for me! Yup, that right there was some very uncharacteristic optimism, which stems from the fact that my daily hissy fits have caused Andrew to want to light me on FIRE. So I’m trying, people. I’m trying.

Yeah, we move in WEDNESDAY. Interesting.

We’ve been frantically trying to paint on our own, because in a renovation there are very few places you can save money by doing things yourself if you are not super handy like Andrew and I. Painting is really the only thing we could do ourselves and save $$$ on, but after this weekend of attempting to paint all the trim, ceilings and molding and doors (SO MANY) in our place we knew we were outnumbered and have called in professional reinforcements for early this week to help in the name of sanity. Andrew kicked me off the painting team twice this weekend for poor performance and attitude. The man is a machine, working 6am to 4pm and I was all “my hand hurts” and ” I hate your music” and “I think I just got a chunk of lead paint in my eye!!!” So I got sent away to pack instead.  So much for putting my bachelors degree is painting to use (perhaps I shall stick to canvases).

do. not. disturb.

Three positive things about the new house from this weekend (because I spent a lot of the time really upset about leaving the city and feeling like I’ve bit off more than I can chew, so I need to counter-balance with positive affirmations).

#1 My custom vanity designed and fabricated by my amazing dad as a gift for my 33rd birthday, arrived and it’s perfection! STORAGE! (P.S. Stay tuned this week for a post about how I plan to reduce my insane amount of products down to just favorite essentials in the name of a shared bathroom.) I got this hardware in chrome with clear glass for the vanity (and a carrara marble top) and you may notice my PVC bead board sitting atop it.  SUCH a good choice for bathrooms- looks like painted wood but acts like a friggin’ full room backsplash! And it’s two sided so you can chose between the narrower classic bead board or the wider spaced V-joint look.

#2 As I was painting doors in the house yesterday I kind of fell in love with the original glass doorknobs that are on every single door. I think they are really quite lovely! Against the new crisp white they look really special. One less thing to replace!

#4 We knew there was a lake nearby our house so we took a stroll only to find out that it’s a mere two blocks away and looks like this. With a walking path all the way around- perfect for jogs or walking the dogs. Considering that if you go two blocks the other direction from our house you’ll find shops, restaurants, the library, Starbucks and the T,  I think we pretty much chose a perfect location.

We also bought the cheapest house on the block, as illustrated by our across the street neighbors. Always good when you are renovating.

Wait, there’s a #4. Friday night we took Oliver and Baxter out to see the house for the first time. A lot weighed on this moment because 50% of the reason we bought a house was so my little loves could have a yard.  Thank goodness they literally leaped out of the car and chased each other around in glee. It felt good.

“Wait, this is all ours to pee on???”

(Don’t worry, I decimated that “Let It Snow” sign on the shed, or “the barn” as we call it.)

Of course, of the UTMOST importance to all men is the wiring for the TV. Holy sweet mother of God, Andrew paid the electrician extra to make sure it’s wired for HDTV and infrared remotes. So while the wall was open I decided to add sconces. Which of course are back-ordered until October, but I love them. BRASS is BACK baby.

(Note: That glass door with someday be french doors onto the sunroom. Patience, grasshopper.)

Hudson Valley’s Garden City Sconce.

We’ll either just paint the brick white, replace the hearth with limestone or granite and get a new screen or maybe replace the surround with herringbone marble tile….

Cross your fingers that this week goes to plan! :)

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