What Color Are You?


House Beautiful had this great little quiz at the back of the magazine this month and I decided to take it- here are my answers! Appears my color is BLACK! :)

1) What’s the first color you see in the morning?
The light blue-grey of my bedroom walls- specifically, Valspar/Laura Ashley Powder Blue 1.

2) What color are your eyes?

3) What color do you wear the most?
Probably black. I really wish I could wear this black Akris dress I’ve been obsessing over.

4) What color do you never wear?
I try them all!
5) What color do you wear when you want to feel sexy?
Animal print- I love it and am not afraid to rock it. Loving this Alice & Olivia dress! Red does the trick too.

6) What color gets you the most compliments?
No idea- maybe turquoise? Purple?
7) What color is your lipstick?
Don’t wear lipstick- just any kind of nude/pink gloss will do! Chanel makes a great one.

8) What color was your living room growing up?
Beige. Dad approved beiges by Ben Moore: Monroe Bisque, Putnam Ivory, Manchester Tan.

9) What color was your room growing up?
It was a Laura Ashley blue and yellow floral explosion!
10) What color are your sheets?
White with monograms (someday from Leontine Linens and Matouk-for now PB)

11) What color was your favorite crayon as a child?
I cannot recall other than this strange infatuation with the name “burnt sienna” which was a great hair color for making Barbie look more like me in coloring books. Also liked the metallics a lot- gold and silver. Blingtastic, even at 4 years old.

12) What color is your car?
Black. But I really wish is was an orange Mini Cooper with navy top. SWOON.

13)What color was your prom dress?
Black. And no I’m not posting it. :)
14)What is your favorite gemstone?
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…other than that, sapphires!

15) What is your favorite flower?

16) What color makes you happiest?
Pink or coral!

17) What color depresses you?
Cranberry/maroon. Ugh, this room would be torture for me.

18) What color calms you?
Light blue grey. Anything ocean-ish.

19) What color makes you grind your teeth?
Neon colors. I can;t imagine living in a room this bright.

20) What color would you like to try but are scared to?
Black walls. Not scared, just need to move so I can find a space to do it! Out with chocolate, in with black!

Any secret colors in your arsenal we should all know about? If so, share!

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