What’s Hot Now: Wicker & Rattan


(In this child’s room we designed we used this great Anthropologie daybed along with baskets to add texture to the space. Photo by Michael J. Lee for Elements of Family Style)

Spring and summer means it’s time to throw open the windows and let some fresh air in, and with that add some new touches to our interiors to make it feel more summer-y!  And while wicker and woven accents are ALL the rage in fashion accessories (I’m looking at you handbags, jewelry and shoes), it’s also a hot time for those same textures as INTERIOR accents too!

There is such a warmth to wicker and woven pieces, and now is the perfect time to add some to your home as they also have a summery vibe. But don’t relegate them to just the porch or patio- wicker and woven elements INSIDE add much needed texture to any room. Here are some great finds, from something small like a candle to larger items like a bed or sofa!

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. super affordable!// 7. // 8. // 9. on sale! // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14. // 15. CUTEST kids playchairs EVER // 16. // 17. // 18. // 19. // 20. // 21. // 22. // 23. // 24. // 25.

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