White House Style


We’ve all been thinking a lot about the White House this week, and while I won’t make any political statements on this blog, I started thinking about my (and many people’s) favorite First lady, Jackie O.  Her style defined an era and still influences people today.  I’ve been interested in finding out as much about her as I can since my first day at Miss Porter’s School when I saw the plaque on the wall by “her room” (which was the room every girl hoped to score senior year!) 

I found some great photos of Jackie’s redesign of the White House with famed designer Sister Parish.  Admittedly, I sadly know very little about Sister Parish, a pioneer in my business, so I went in search of some information and found a book review that has me planning a stop at Border’s today. And then also pick up the book about her partnership with one of America’s most famous designers, Albert Hadley.
Above is a before and after of a room- Jackie added tangible class and style in such subtle ways.

Jackie painted the Blue Room at Christmas- I love the style in which she captured it!

I started thinking about our new, young president an stylish First Lady and wondered what the new White House will look like (and who will be hired to do it! Bunny Williams comes to mind). I am thinking the Obama’s will use lots of traditionally lined furniture but will inject some youthful patterns and fabrics to give the space new life! I’m thinking it’ll be a mix of White House historical furniture, some from their travels and some from lines like Baker and Henredon..

Images from The White House Musuem, Bummy Williams, Kohler Furniture

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