Who Needs a Prenup When You Have This Bathroom?


After a couple years sharing a small bathroom, one thing Andrew and I really enjoy about our new place is two full bathrooms. Equally nice, we each took one- but sometimes I wish we just had one big one with separate spaces in it so we can chit chat while getting ready. Traditional Home’s Robert Young solved that problem at the 2007 Kitchen/Bath Industry Show with this his and hers bathroom. If you can tear your eyes away from the Erin Adams tile mural, you’ll see that off the main bathing space are two smaller spaces, each designated and designed for a man and woman. I love how they relate but each give such a different feel.

I love how the “x” detail of the transom windows is reflected in the cabinetry in the woman’s bath

Love the framed chinoiserie paper on the opposite wall of the mural, leading into the man’s bath

Oh yeah, Andrew would dig this. What man wouldn’t?

Photos courtesy of Traditional Home.com
Photographs by Greg Scheidemann

So while perusing Velvet & Linen last night I came across another pair of baths in one of Brooke Gianetti’s projects- each with a distinct chromosome-specific feel.
This man’s bath really feels “Ralph Lauren-y” to me, with it’s grey flannel walls and drapery.

Another bath in the same house with a more feminine feel…LOVE those freestanding tubs!
In this same house (hi, can I please live here?) she created yet another perfect man space in the basement- a lovely den (not TOO manly at all) with a very cool bar… I would never see Andrew again, especially if there was a pool/foosball table down there.

But it’s ok, b/c I’d be soaking with a glass (i.e. bottle) of wine in a bathroom like Brooke’s own (*sigh*)- overlooking trees and feeling a breeze through the plethora of windows….

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