Window Drama.


Having an abundance of windows in your home is a blessing.  But sometimes, especially in older homes, those windows are in places that really junk up your interior design plans.  You try to work around them, but they keep jumping out and wreaking having with your perfect furniture layouts.  Most often this is present in bedrooms and bathrooms.

“How can I do a big vanity with that damn window there?”

“How can this big room not have one wall without a window that I can put my bed on??”

Sound familiar?

Well, I’m here to help, of course. Did you know it’s now hip to put bathroom mirrors in front of windows?  And beds in front of them too? Heck yeah! Take a look at these fab examples!

LOVE this cool mirror hung over the shutters from a rod!


These are pretty dramatic and glamorous.


Sometimes people purposely put mirrors in front of windows like in this modern bathroom- the natural light would be bananas good for applying makeup!


A simple rope hung mirror and a chain hung mirror that mimics the shape and size of the window (a good design point to remember)


Two amazing mosaic mirrors look incredibly special hung this way!


It looks to me like this mirror is on a track- meaning you can slide it out of the way when not needed. A genius idea.


So simple and reflective you barely notice it’s there!


Another simple application over shutters for privacy when needed.


This curtain runs behind the mirrors when you need to keep eyes out.  As you can see in most of these images there is some for on window treatment usually inside mounted behind the mirrors- roller shades, roman shades or shutters.


Now onto the bedroom- I think these example prove that having to put a bed in front of a window.  The trick is using window treatments to create drama, focus and trick the eye!

These frame the bed nicely and the tone on tone palette keeps the eyes moving so it doesn’t get stuck on the windows.


Love these layered treatments and low headboard.


In this space they employ not only a ceiling track treatment running all the way behind the bed but also a hanging mirror as well! It’s stunning, love it!


This is a totally perfect, perhaps deliberately built, space for a bed in front of a window.  Add a couple sconces to the sides of the built ins and it would be awesome.  Notice how the headboard shape mimics the window shape too!


Layers of window treatments and a statement headboard help make this space, by Hunted Interiors, feel finished and purposeful (and how about that wallpaper?)


Two twin beds sidle up quite perfectly in front of these windows.


Keeping the headboard relatively low helps it feel as though you aren’t trying to conceal the fact that the bed in in front of the window.


Hey, I’ve done it! In my South End rental I had our bed into front of three windows- and it ended up on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens- IKEA drapes and all!





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