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To kick off your Monday I’m going to hook you up with some serious cuteness. I just discovered Fat Orange Cat Studio and I am in love. Photographer Li Ward takes pictures of your beloved pets in such an amazingly artistic way that you would want these babies framed and on the wall immediately amongst your other art.  Baxter and Oliver HAVE to have their portraits taken this spring when the leaves and grass are out!  They would by hysterical subjects since they are both such total hams.  I like to define them by the accents I think their inner monologues have-Oliver’s is the Matthew McConaghey voice from Dazed & Confused and Baxter has a really haughty British accent like Stewie Griffin. I am admittedly a “crazy dog lady”- I think of my dogs as my kids- so having portraits done does not seem odd at all. AT ALL. So stop mumbling “that Erin, she’s a wack job”. Just get ready to “awwwwwwww”….

This little guy is a Havanese like Baxter (and half of Ollie) and I want to snuggle his little FACE OFF!

I spy Shepard Fairey! If you have not seen Exit Through the Gift Shop– SEE IT! THis dog has clearly seen it and is in awe.

I want to feel like these guys.

And as a side note, Li is also a calligrapher and collaborated with letterpress designer Parrott Design Studio to create the Orange Parrott Collection! I adore the simplicity and handmade look of these wedding invitations and accessories!

Stay tuned this week dog lovers for a great little giveaway!!!!


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