Yuppie Nightmare.


I just ordered this fab poeacoat from J.Crew (20% off outerwear today!).  I am so excited to go back to my preppy roots and wear this jacket all fall with yummy boots and jeans.  And because I am a total crazy person about my dogs (who are tiny people in dog suits, I swear) I kinda want to get them matching peacoats from Rover Dog (found via The Neo Traditionalist).I am not really a “dogs-in-clothes” type of person but these are so stylish I cannot help myself!!!

Picture 4il_430xN.171691526

And while i’m at why not finally get myself my dream Burberry trench and them matching ones for the boys too? I love that I live in a dog-centric neighborhood where this would be perfectly normal and not warrant “crazy lady” gawking. Except from Andrew, who would be horrified and probably divorce me.


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