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Yay! Time for another 1 room 2 ways:
Even the name of her blog makes me happy, I am simply beaming to introduce the next “1 room 2 ways ” guest blogger. Sissy from Blue Hydrangea is really a wonder. She’s got a great talent and an amazing knack for inspiring her readers with her all of her lovely images and great DIY’s {look at her lamp shade} Again I am humbled when you awesome bloggers that have so much talent, take the time to give us admirers a glimpse into your genius. 


I was so excited when Amber asked me to participate in her series “1 Room 2 Ways”. Then reality hit. Did you see Amber’s version? It was “1 Room 3 Ways” and it was off the charts! See it here. After a week or two of procrastinating I decided to try a new look for Clay’s room. He is 10 now, but one day he will grow up and/or move out (right?) and I might want to change the look of his room.

First I changed the lamp and accessories.

Then came new pillows, blankets and art work. And I was done. I liked it. But I didn’t think Clay would go for the flowers, so I changed it back before he got home from school. My grandmother made the crocheted blanket for me when I was about 10 and I love that it fits right in with my colors and style today. And you know what? It was fun!!

Amber, thanks for having me! Sissy
No Sissy…..THANK YOU!!!! Make sure to go loose yourself in a bit of Blue Hydrangea!