5 greatest kitchens….my humble opinion!

The kitchen of Designer Kirsten Buckingham
You kitchen temptress with your black cabinets, sassy brassy hardware and amazing tiled floors…Your HUGE hot Wolf Range Stove and creepy moody oil painting on the hood….Your sultry lure gets me every time! 
Oh Windsor Smith…. 
How I love thee. 
Let me count the ways, starting with your checkered floors and ending with your wing backs and nickel pendants..I have even grown to love and accept your Chippendale chairs. 
Your romantic and sweet and if I was either of those things..we could date.
#3. Lonny Kitchen
 I don’t know who designed this so please chime in with info. All I know is that Lonny debuted this Beauty…and I have been stalking it ever since. “Hey Lonny kitchen, What’s Up? Wanna Mash Potatoes sometime?”
O0000h Yeah…sexy
#4. Commune
Everything that should be wrong with this kitchen is what somehow attracts me to it. Green cabinets and funky prison lights really speak to me here.. It’s not a bad thing either that the patio connects to the kitchen….and that it is just as drool worthy on its own….
I call it the “prison in the woods” vibe….and I like it A LOT

Ahhh yes,  Rowan and Williams and your beautiful celebrity clientele. 
I know why they hire you…..cause you can decorate and design a mean ass sexy kitchen. Look at all this marble in Gwyneth’s pretty palatial kitchen. All the white makes me feel like the chances of ever getting food poisoning eating from here would be slim to none. 
I would go so far to say you could lick/make-out with the floors…slurp!

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