5 Things I Ain’t Mad At Part 3

Time for another edition of 5 Things I Ain’t Mad At
I am constantly trying to figure out “Whats Next” in the design world.
I scour art books, old design magazines, even old books about movies and music trying to muster up some crazy new trend that I can take and run with…
lately I am so uninspired 
So….lets talk about shit I still love and may just keep on recycling 
1. Otomi

*oh hey BTW This Otomi Headboard will be for sale soon….because i am doing a one kings lane sale ….shhh! *

2.  Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees and Fabric

3. Black and White Stripes

4. Bold Florals


Still Obsessed….and Just can’t shake it
what say you lovers?
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