5 Trends I aint mad At 2015!!

I am baaaaaack!!! What a radical vacay that was. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything special…and it was perfect. Absolutely just what I needed to do to get my head back in the game after a seemingly endless year of non stop work. I spent most of the time thinking about work and the projects I have coming up, but because I was in vacay mode, it seemed a LOT less stressful and way more fun!

Wanna know what else was fun?? Thinking about whats gonna be going on this year in design. What are the trends that will go and what are the trends that will stay?

I have some thoughts about the trends I can’t wait to see vanish into being “so last year”. I will refrain from spilling my opinions on you, even though I know I shouldn’t be so annoying and should just unleash on a rampage of  bashing trendy stuff all day, but ya know…boundries and stuff. Anyways, here are a few design trends I wouldn’t mind sticking around in 2015….


What say you lovers?

++ one ++ two ++ three ++ four ++ five ++

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