aannd this happened





yep that’s my house, and

yep that’s a for sale sign, and

yep that’s an IN ESCROW sign


wanna know whats crazy, this happened so fast that we didn’t even really have time to think about it

you know, common sense thoughts like…..where are we gonna move?

are we gonna buy ?

are we gonna rent ?

should we move to South Carolina or Guam ??

There is almost  NOTHING that we thought about except the bottom line..which was great, but now we are scrambling..and the stress is intense

So folks, looks like I will be moving shortly, which can only mean a plethora of blog posts filled with images of what I do to my new house (wherever that may be)

I ask you all a favor and please send positive vibes our way.  “Secret” it that my family and I find a new home, and our Escrow closes without a hitch.


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