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Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 1

Are you guys familiar with that stomach pit feeling you get when you realize the holidays are just around the corner and you have absolutely zero time to get your house looking snazzy before every single family member or friend enters your home for some holiday fun?!?…well I am so happy to share a quick and easy way to refresh your space without wanting to pull your hair out because, seriously.. ain’t nobody got time to liven up their home especially right before the crazy holidays. If you don’t know this feeling then you are one lucky duck, but this post can still totally apply to you, so read on!

Sending off some of your favorite photos or art to be framed is a quick and effective way to refresh your home for the holiday season. You can easily use these newly framed pictures to create a gallery wall that will update and add a lot of interest to your space. Framebridge offers a really rad service where you can upload or send in your art (free of charge! woo!) and then they send it back to you beautifully framed and ready to hang. Doesn’t get any easier than that! They offer a variety of sizes and styles, but I was totally digging their Clean Collection, especially the Irvine Slim frame. Check out how Framebridge helped us update our little corner with an awesome gallery wall.

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 2

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 3

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 4

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 5

Check out this spiffy little gif showing me in action while pulling this gallery wall together.


The holidays can get a little cray cray when you don’t have the time to go out and search for the perfect gifts. Their variety of options make it easy to pick a gift for anyone, but I decided to stick with the Instagram “Mini,” because how can you say no to a tiny 5”x 5” frame displaying cool Instagram shots?!? We all know how much I love a little insta…take that and pair it with a clean white frame and it’s all over. So freakin’ good!! I wanted to give my clients a cute little gift, so I picked some of my fave Instagram photos of their house to get all framed up. Not only are they fun and unique gifts, but they are also a little more personalized, which is always a plus in my blog (get it? I have a blog…not a book). Anywayz, y’all should definitely do yo’selves a favor and also check out Framebridge for your holiday gift giving this year.

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 10

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 7

Amber Interiors x Framebridge - Tessa Neustadt - 8

Framebridge loves y’all so much that they are offering all of you 20% off your first order! Just use the special code: AMBER20 and you’ll have beautiful frames photos/art waiting on your doorstep in no time. This offer expires 1/31/16, so don’t take too long deciding what you want to frame!

Prints + photography via: Tessa Neustadt

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