Posted on by Amber Lewis

SO believe it or not last week I managed to also squeeze in a little impromptu interview for the super blogger, really adorable and sooo sweet ,Nicole from SO HAUTE. OK lets first start by saying how flattered I am about all the recent love and recognition for my designering skills! I never imagined to get such a positive response. Naturally when Nicole emailed me and said she was in LA, loves my blog and would love to come and interview me in my house, I jumped at the chance. Even despite the fact that I had 4 more days to complete a project that I was given a week to finish. If you know me, then you know that I am a glutton for punishment and constantly take waaaay to much on at once. I CANT SAY NO!
Nicole was interviewing design royalty like Windsor-Smith and Kristen Panitch, so to feature little old me, I am still shocked.
Here is a sneak peak she featured today. Thanks Nicole!!!!