Posted on by Amber Lewis

I fancy myself a rookie DIY’er so I marvel at the projects some people can accomplish with a bit o’ elbow grease and a head on their shoulders. I get all a fluster like a cheerleader eyeballing “Johnny quarterback” when I come across a rockin display of DIY. My wheels start turning and I have dreams about accomplishing such splendiferous fabulousness. Alas I have a really tight schedule and it seems to be getting crazier by the day so my time slot for DIY has dwindled. I am left to drool and that’s a bummer but I am cool with it.

Anyways here are a couple of my current faves.
this is AMAZING and WOWZA….that is the only words I could muster.
see the tutorial HERE
How about this super cool ottoman? I would choose a different fabric for myself but I really love the look.

see tutorial HERE
What a brilliant lady Jenny is. I want to do this so bad! 

See tutorial HERE
I would like to do this above a bed……But HUGE
see tutorial HERE

See tutorial HERE..I would try one of those cool color duct tapes. 
Neon Pink!!