Birthday Celebrations

So I thought I would have a very “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” attitude on my birthday….however surprising to me….I didn’t.

I woke up thankful and happy and totally giddy about the life I am constantly creating for myself and my beautiful family.

 I didn’t want to sulk, I didn’t want to feel sorry for myself, I just wanted to grab 30 by it’s balls and show it who was boss!

I had an amazing bash with all my nearest and dearest and although WAAAAy more mellow than I would have thought my dirty birdie thirty would have been…. I still had loads of fun.
I mainly just drank a lot and acted like an idiot…

whats new?

taaa daaah

I got some SUPER cool prezzies
Missoni for Target flats
{I would give you a link..but you know that story}
how f-ing cute is this bag!!!
{You can order it over the phone, just give my pal Beau @ Beau Alexis Boutique a call and tell her Amber sent ya!!}
go like her on facebook too!
Amazing bangle!

Christopher Farr pillows!!!
my mom also made me a SWEET array of friendship bracelets and some chan luu inspired wraps to add to my growing arm party.
I SCORED big time…don’t ya think?
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