Bitchin Kitchen Series

Who doesn’t love a good ole fashion “blog series”? And who doesn’t love a little interior porn (if you will)…I know I do!!  I have asked some of my top fave lady bloggers  to show and tell me their top 5 fave kitchens.  Over the next few weeks I will be showing off those gals picks, but in the meantime let’s kick it off with my fave 5 bitch’n kitchen picks in no particular order.

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+ via High Gloss Magazine, Issue 1 +

Tia Zoldan did a fine job here in this galley style kitchen.  Its small yes, but the way she infused just the right amount of color in the rug and the fun door makes the space just right. Major inspo all around!


+ Designed by Tom Sheerer +

The backsplash here is pure perfection. That Tom Sheerer really knows what he’s doing. The way he chose to not do upper cabinets is smart… Real real gutsy, and probably a little impractical for a family of toddlers.. but smart. This kitchen makes me want to forget what “child-proofing” is and just focus on what maters. Being pretty

+ By designer Stacey Begg featured in Canadian House & Home +

No upper cabinets and a wicked backsplash seem to be the formula for a fantastic kitchen. 2 toned cabinets, 2 different countertops, and brass hardware..this is really speaking to me.


+ Kitchen photographed by Jessie Webster for Glitter Guide +

I may be biased but one of my fave kitchens was my old one :(. It was bright and big and made me happy every time I saw it. Maybe I obsess over it now because I currently live in an 80’s style cave…so its a departure to say the least from that old beauty of mine. Whats thats saying, you don’t know what you got till its gone. At least we have the internet to remind us.kitchen5

+ By Jessica Helgerson Interior Design +

My all time fave designer ever ever ever, Jessica Helgerson, can truly do no wrong in my book. I am a major fan girl and at this point she would have to karate kick a kitten for me to think ill of anything she does….she’s just that good. She has that ability to give a space so much character, like it was always meant to be there, just updated in a way only she can do.

What say you lovers? Which is your fave?!

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