Blogger Room 2 Ways

Hi Y’all! I am sooooo excited about my little series over here. I have a fantastic guest poster today. The lovely Danika from Gorgeous Shiny Things!!!! If any of you haven’t become her number one fan yet, you must go check her out. She is the genius behind these amazing images

Anyways back to the post…. Danika has been in the process of re-decorating her living room and apparently, doing this series gave her the mojo she needed to get in gear. Here is what her living room two ways came out looking like
first way:

second way:

The first living option I think is my favorite.. I am a sucker for a gallery wall and an even bigger sucker for bright colored pillows on a neutral background!!!
 Thanks Danika for sharing your beautiful living room with us. Can’t wait to hear which room you all like the best. And if you wanna get lost in a blog for a couple hours go take a look at  Gorgeous Shiny Things

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