yo…..can I have a serious talk with you all?

I am sure most of you lovers have noticed that around here blogging has taken a backseat to my Design/Shoppe world
I feel bad for this and constantly have anxiety that you will all hate me and bash me to your friends
yeah, thats right
I am vulnerable
I have anxiety, and I have feelings
I really don’t want to make empty promises of how “next week it will be better”
“I promise I will post more”
cause quite frankly
I don’t have the damn time anymore
It’s kinda sad, and kinda relieving at the same time. 
I dont wanna be that blogger who pulls pictures from Pinterest
Or be that blogger that just puts pictures of clothes I wanna buy in a pretty photoshop board and pretend like you care.
I want to post things that only I could show you
From the real world of design and my real world of room make-overs and design schemes
The pressure to blog about amazing things all the time is just TOO MUCH!
I love you all and you deserve better than my half ass attempt at blogging..

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