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Hi Effortless style readers. I was totally excited when Camila asked me to participate in” a day in her shoes” mainly because I think sometimes I need to reflect on the craziness that is my life, and what better way than to blog about it! As a fairly new mommy, I am first to admit some days, especially in the early days of G {my daughters} life I was lucky if I could squeeze in a shower. Nowadays however, I have somehow managed to balance baby, business, wife and being a brand new homeowner without developing a drinking problem! I can honestly say this is the one of the most challenging combination of jobs in the world, but by far the most rewarding. Since everyday for me is so very different I decided to just keep it as real as possible and not fill it with any fluffer….it’s just not my style. Here ya go lovely readers. I hope this entertains!

6:30 am
I hear G on the baby monitor and I pray it’s all a dream and I still have at least 1 hour left to sleep….but G is ready for the day and duty calls. I stumble to her room, we go get her milk and we get back in bed for a precious 20 more minutes…30 if I am lucky. It might just be my most favorite time of the day. The quiet 20 or so minutes my little family spend waking up in the morning.
Latte time comes next. I am a self diagnosed caffeine addict and my morning latte is my drug of choice. This is actually the one and only requirement I have in my daily routine.  I must drink my homemade vanilla latte or I will throw a 2 year old sized tantrum, or die from exhaustion!
G eats her breakfast and then proceeds to throw what she does not want all on the floor….This is what I call a good time!

8:00 am
Emails, emails, blogs blogs and emails. I try to start the day off when I am having my coffee by reading my daily blogs as well as posting on AID. On this particular day I had about 40 some odd notifications that my blog had been posted on a couple of big name bloggers blogs. I have to be honest and say that the comments that my readers give me make me feel like I am on cloud 9 or some kind of design celebrity…I just LOVE my readers and LOVE blogging and interior design so much, that getting even the smallest amount of recognition is really wonderful. Being able to make a living doing these things is a dream come true.

9:10 am
Just got off the phone with a potential new client. These calls are always really exciting. I love a challenge and the possibility of starting fresh with some new creative ideas. This clients focus is to create an eclectic bohemian style vibe…..IN A RECORDING STUDIO!!!! How cool is that!  Mission today is to start pulling images for the rooms inspiration!

Brush my teeth and put a hat on to avoid having to brush my hair. Give G a big kiss, tell Mena her nanny, to make sure she eats enough green things and I reluctantly go out the door. Leaving my baby has never been easy and never get easier. First Stop, Home Depot. The “Duck” {my hubby} is building a fence and wanted my approval on the wood choice. He knows better than to assume I would like something without at least letting me have my opinion…I am so annoying.

Leave Home Depot and head on out for some fabric scouting and to my favorite design shops for inspiration, for both the recording studio as well as my own house. I am working on my house project constantly and sometimes need a bit of a boost of ideas! I feel productive, knowing that I am keeping current with the great designers of the world. I make a quick stop at my favorite store Nathan Turner and snap some photos..

Just look at that flipping couch! It instantly gets my wheels turning!

Run into the PDC to say hi to some of my favorite showroom buddies and grab some fabrics…. I put together these combos for a someday client….or maybe myself!!

stop for a fabulously decadent lunch at Taco Bell…order my usual 7 layer burrito with no guacamole and I am off racing to the other side of town to HD Buttercup. I have to find some cool island fixtures and an entry rug ….BINGO!

Stop at a Top Secret Moroccan warehouse to score some more rugs and stumble upon these…..They must go in the recording studio or my house..! I have made a mental note that when I win the lottery…this will be my first stop..Poof Central.

How fab are these layered On top of any one of these rugs….I just drooled re-capping  on these stunners.

Time to head home which means sit in traffic and ponder my day. By about the 3rd minute into this crappy traffic I start to get anxious knowing that my little girl is at home waiting for me…so is the 7 gillion emails I need to respond to. 

I am finally home which means its G time. My nanny leaves at 5 so I try to squeeze in emails and unfinished biz, then I scramble to the back yard to play with my little monkey….She is at the age where everything seems to be fun…I love it! While she plays, the duck spray paints some outdoor furniture we scored from our neighbor…..100 bucks for the set. 4 chairs and a table and it’s teak!!!  I bought these cushions from Ikea…Love me some stripes!!!!

After cooking G some din din we head over to the mall to ride the carousel. She loves it and I have to admit I kinda do to. For the 4 minutes its spinning around, nothing else in the whole wide world matters except me and Gwyneth. The Kangaroo is actually not her favorite character…the dolphin is but some jerk stole it from us…..OK maybe “Jerk “is a little harsh to call a 4 year old, but NO-ONE messes with my kid and her dolphin!

Got some new pillows in the mail!!!! I love coming home to packages. I put an insert in and chucked it on my bed…..How pretty

Bath and Bed time is sacred for me, G, and the Duck. We know it will be the first time in the whole day that we are both completely forced to spend time together and play with our baby. 

Wind down from my day with some Thai food and a beer. It’s been a long day but a good day. Tonight is what the Duck and I call an “early night” so we will both be in bed and ready to snooze by 9pm. Write up a quick post for tomorrow morning and pray I fall asleep without a hitch… 

Thanks so much for letting me share a day in my shoes! Now if only me and my shoes could take a vacation…THAT would be something worth reading about!