Posted on by Amber Lewis

Hi Y’all lovely Danielle Oakey Readers! It’s Amber from AID.  I was more than happy to guest post on this terrific Textile Thursday post because I am a self diagnosed textile addict! Well I am actually more like a textile junkie. If I had a quarter for every weird Uzbek, or Afghan parcel that turned up on my doorstep….I would be rich! Rich enough to be able to afford all this fabric I have hidden from the Duck {just kidding honey} ! I am going to show you some of my fave that I currently have strewn around my home!

I am taking you on a visual trip around the world using textiles as a guide. This particular textile is currently residing on the back of my couch in an effort to hide the cats attempt at making our sofa look antiqued! All of these tapestries are actually baby carriers imported from a dude who lives in the Andes Mountains….you know like the Peruvian mountain range that spans the length of Peru through Chile and Argentina. Wowza!

Lets make another stop on the world map of wacky foreign textiles…..the blue batik is actually from China.. It is a monk cloth from a village in Hmong. I had a loooong 12 yard roll of it so I had my upholsterer make it into pillows. The ikat patterned pillow behind it is from Uzbekistan and I paid a camel to swim across the ocean to bring it to me. HAHA…just kidding. 

Last but not least some really cool blue Ikat fabric, that I am making into curtains for my office!

Hope my well traveled fabrics were inspiring enough for you lovers! 
Thanks again Danielle for having me over…xoxo