Posted on by Amber Lewis

Hi Things That Sparkle Readers. Here are a list of some of my Favorites in my home!

Favorite Room:

This is my Bedroom. I would say this is my favorite place in my home because of what it means to me….SLEEP AND QUIET!  Even though on most days my bedroom is neither Quiet or is anyone sleeping, I would like to pretend I have restful nights.

My Favorite Textile:

My favorite textile would probably have to be my latest Suzani purchase! It has a bright orange background and I am absolutely smitten with it’s colors and pattern! I feel like it adds life to every thing in the whole room. It always amazes me what a little color can do to liven and change things up.

The Duck and I have always saved a little money in our budget to allow for artwork. I have been a serious fan of the artist Audrey Kawasaki’s work for years. I always admired her attention to detail and how beautiful her paintings are. When the Duck and I moved in together almost 7 years ago, it was one of the first “big” purchases we ever made as a couple. You must go check out her website…you’ll be blown away.

Favorite Piece of Furniture:
I have to honestly say I don’t have a favorite item however I do have a great love for my dining table. I love it for many reasons but mainly because it’s 112″ long and already ruined looking so when we have my huge family over for occasions such as Sunday dinners or Holiday’s we can’t see spilled wine or food particles. I never have to wipe it down, I just kinda rub the grime in and it adds character…really not hygienic….but Oh well!

My favorite Miscellaneous Item:
I have a lot actually. One of my newest favorite object obsessions though is this wacky African leather and wooden Bucket chair. It is so wrong but so right I can’t quite figure out what the heck I should do with it. It is sort of serving as a place to put on shoes in my bedroom temporarily…but I have big plans for it. I think??

Thanks again Alex for having me over to your Bloggy Today. Hope you sparkly readers enjoy!