By Amber Lewis on 2011-06-12

Hi La Dolce Vita’ers. Amber here from Amber Interiors. I just about had a heart attack being asked to play the Dream Home game. You see I am a big fan of the series and an even bigger fan of the hostess extraordinaire Ms. Paloma. I was thrilled at the thought of being invited to hang out with you lovely readers today, however as I sat down to organize and plan out my dream home it hit me like a speeding bus…. How in the HECK am I going to narrow it all down to just one house. I could easily design a neighborhood or a compound of houses each one in a different style that I love and pull it off without a hitch, but this wasn’t part of the deal. I have one shot to impress and put my dreamy dreams into one sweet pad. So lovers, welcome to my humble abode. Come on in, kick off your shoes, grab a drink from the fridge, and make yourself at home.

My Modern Eclectic Farmhouse!
You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  I love the unassuming look of this entry. It’s clean and modern but leaves you wanting more. Let’s step inside shall we. 
 As a designer, I look at a house like a layer cake..The outside it pretty and simple and unassuming. You step inside and it’s interesting but nothing so WOW that you stop without a desire to keep going…..This entry gives you something to look at and sets the tone for the rest of your home but isn’t a major “HEY LOOK AT ME MOMENT”. You walk in and get comfy and move on.
The powder room is a great place to start if your gonna add a bit of personality to your house. I would wallpaper every inch of my powder room. I love how beautiful the natural curiosities paper collage is. You’ll always have something to look at and entertain you plus your guests might think your creative and cool…which is always a plus! 
Come on kids, on to the next room…
From potty room to party room..the heart of the house is up. The kitchen is the most important room, can you argue? Picking out the image I was gonna use was impossible so I will give you the two I chose and you’ll have to just imagine what I would do to make the ULTIMATE DREAM kitchen. I’ll give you a hint though..That wooded hood in the second image, is insanely cool. Big islands always make me happy and a Persian or kilim rug, gets me every time.

What Dream Kitchen would be complete without your very own fresh kitchen garden right outside? You can pick and cook your meals without ever leaving he house. Talk about fast food!!
After I have cooked a feast for royalty in my big ass kitchen, lets go get our grub on in this fancy pants dining room. I love the cafeteria style benches and the pierced brass pendants. Gorgeous!
Maybe by this time your starting to see a pattern emerging here. Notice all my walls are white and I have punched in all the interest with the furniture. I would definately add curtains to this dining room though. Something funky and eye catching….probably this fabric by Peter Dunham. I am a fan!
Lets peak at the living room now. This is what I would say is the formal living room. Dark velvet curtains and rich upholstery. It still maintains that overall eclectic feel I am in love with but I would only wanna be in this room If I was sipping a brandy and smoking a fake cigarette.
This above living room would obviously be a bit to fancy to have my friends and family in it drinking beers and eating Cheetos’s, so that’s why I  also have a big comfy Family room in the house..
Here, is where all the lounging happens.


Every dream home should have a TV watching room. A big comfy room with wall to wall sofa and upholstered walls….I could really get into some Real Housewives in here!

On our way to the master bedroom and kids rooms don’t ignore the corridor! I have a thing for long hallways. Especially long hallways with book nooks and places to hang a gallery wall. My dream house HAS to have a long, long hallway. 
Step right on in to the master bedroom. It’s very quiet in here so that I can sleep soundly. A designer and Mom without sleep is a cranky one. Everything about this room I love. Beautiful doors to look outside but a sense of privacy in my fabric cave bed. 
My master would have a little seating area in it too don’t you think?  OK this is a very purple room and off pattern to my usual neutral wall, but I could sit here all day and ponder things…purpley things!
And then we have the Master Bathroom: Not fussy at all just has the essentials like a tub and a glass enclosure shower. I rarely put on makeup or have time for a long soak in the tub so a good shower is all I need.
Right now we only have one little girl who rules the roost around here. She is so special she gets her own wing of the dream house. An area for all of her toys as well as a beautiful place for her to dream.
her bedroom: 
here is her bathroom:
and here is her play room:
Because I love the “idea” of having a big family of my own I would want a room full of bunk beds. Just so that each kidlett could have sleepovers and all of their friends would think our house was the “coolest”
We have a guest room. Calm and Sweet.
And then the piece de resistance……
The BACKYARD. Let’s take a dip in my seriously gorgeous pool. Now you can also see the whole view of my dream pad. White with lush landscaping. It’s classic and modern which is right up my alley.
 The pool and grass and BBQ and fire pit and trees are all the makings of the perfect outdoor space. Plus we have the added bonus of living in Southern California, where it is 74 degrees most days out of the year. We would spend almost all of our time outside.
Wouldn’t you?

Thanks for having me Paloma! I loved getting to hang out with your readers today. Make sure to come visit me again over on my bloggy!
 {all sources via my pintrest}
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