By Amber Lewis on 2013-02-11

I know you know what a weird and whirlwind few weeks its been. 
I am not going to bore you with my bitchin and moanin about a gosh damn thing.  
I am gonna swiftly change the whole tone here and get back to business as usual. 
Lets talk about fashion shall we ?
Just like this year so far…my wardrobe needs a major do over
Normally, I would run into some chainy affordable joints like Forever21, or H&M and just buy a bunch of shit that’s on trend and cheap….The new me ain’t getting down like this anymore. 
In my desire to do shit better, I am changing this philosophy. Instead I am going to save up a bit and drop more cash on fewer things that will last me longer. Maybe this is no “new” concept to you smart lovers….but for me it will be a big deal.
I am going to start with these staples.. I suggest you follow along

2 new pairs of “go with everything” jeans 1 light  1 black and holey
2 new pairs of shoes 1 flat 1 bootie both colors go with everything
2 new sweaters, both neutral both comfy both conducive to layers underneath
2 new jackets, 1 edgy faux leather + 1 comfy army. both great for layering 
2 new bags. 1 for color pop and functionality, 1 for “chic on the go” that blends with everything
option 1
jeans // jacket 1// jacket 2 //  shoes // sweater // bag // bag 2 // jeans 2 // booties //
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