Posted on by Amber Lewis

Hi Folks…I am desperately searching high and low to find Camel Tassels….yep, you heard me right. CAMEL TASSELS.This may sound like a strange request…unless you know me and then you are not surprised or shocked at the randomness.
After watching a recent episode of “An Idiot Abroad” when he took a trip to Egypt, I became infatuated with all the colors on the camels. Especially the particular one he rode across the Jordanian dessert to get to Petra. I could care less about the 7th wonder of the world or the great pyramids in Cairo….I wanted the CAMEL TASSELS.  I want to hang them from a chandelier or sew them on pillows or use them as tie backs for my living room curtains. Or put them on my cat so she can look prettier….

I will camel hump you if you can find me any of the following….

1} an expert in the field of camel riding
2} a professional camel tassel maker
3} a dessert dweller who herds camels across the sandy plains to entertain tourists?
4} a camel

Please forward me the pertinent information so that I may swindle myself some of these lovely adornments. Thank You kindly