cant help myself

did y’all see this???

I don’t give a flying poop if you have, because I am gonna show you again and discuss everything that is right with it.

And seriously basically everything is right

Lets just take it all in and study real, real hard.

It’s just so good

first up.. the living room.



This wall color could have sucked designer balls if someone didn’t use their noggin and pair it with green and cognac leather, then add a perfect pop of persimmon orange where it needed it most. This room doesn’t really strike me as the most warm and cozy of spaces, but who the hell cares. The tile makes you forget it all.

Next up, the Dining room and Entry…..



The floor tile makes me wanna smack somebody..its so good.

The fact that they added a big dumb stripe to the wall without it looking cheesy, is blowing my mind right now…The pendants, the art, the dining table…major perfection right here.

I don’t even care that these stripes would make me dizzy every time I came home…Or that this is verging on Nautical nonsense.

I just love it all

The next room, is actually not my fave..but I still love it. The wall color is kinda obnoxious, but the furniture, the textiles, the art, and that tile make up for it.

Again it all just works somehow.


ok this kids room might be my favorite I have seen in a really, really long time.


again the tile is stellar.

The art and the quirky furniture work so well together.

That crazy pretty blue makes its appearance again in this room, but intelligently they did not apply it to the walls.

just added the right pops of it

Good move

Bathroom Tile with that teal  blue tub….




there is that blue again, and the tile, different pattern but its fine…just fine

the orange pop even makes another appearance

and finally..this courtyard rivals all other courtyards in the whole of the universe.


that is all I can say ’bout that

in other news…I added a ton of stuff to the SHOPPE and there is a sale happening!



for 15% off your entire order.

did I mention ALL my pillows now come with inserts!!!


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