Chairish Co. and a “Get the Look”

So if you have hung out on the bloggity blog for a while you are well aware of my “Collector” mentality (read Hoarder issues).  I collect pillows, chairs, rugs, art, you name it. Piles of things generally sit in my garage or storage unit until I decide it’s time to purge.

Well folks, I am happy to announce that the time to “purge” has come. Lucky for us all, unloading my hoarded treasures just got a whole lot easier with the new Chairish App. Have you seen it? Its pretty much the most simple App to use ever, which makes life for this lunatic busy bee just that much more enjoyable. If you can operate Instagram you can handle this, and I suggest taking a look ASAP. Everything can be be done from your iPhone (Android app is in the works) by simply taking a few photos with the app and uploading. Dumby proof!

But first, If you haven’t peeped Chairish before, you totally have to!! It’s a curated marketplace where anyone can buy & sell their vintage or used items in a matter of minutes. I’ve purchased a whole bunch of stuff for clients and now I am selling my own items through the Chairish site and it’s just super!!

Lets get you all set up shall we?

To list with Chairish, here’s how you do it:

1.take a photo of your item either using the app or uploading from you computer.

2. fill out all the necessary info such as description, dimensions, price,  etc.

3. hit submit!

Chairish editors then review your listing and based on the product, accept and list your items for you. It is so user friendly!

PLUS, big bonus, they send you a check in the mail a few days after your item sells. No messin around.

I’ve decided to clean out my troves of treasures and pass these items on to a new loving owner(s)..

here’s what I’m selling!

kilimClick HERE to purchase kilim

vintage sign

Click HERE to purchase sign

So cute right! We even gave you a little “get the look” of how you can style these purty pieces yourself!



bus blind // sofa // coffee table // batik lamp // side table // leather chair // kilim // pillows

Download the App to your iPhone and give it a try!

PLUS Chairish is giving away a designer living room worth $5k complete with sofa, art, a pair of vintage mid century end tables and more. Anyone who downloads the app is automatically entered to win.. Sweepstakes ends 2/28.


sweeps collage (1)-1

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