Client Freakin Fabulous: The Kitchen Reveal

I have been waiting patiently to get into the nitty gritty of Client Freakin’ Fabulous and all that went down in their sweet pad overhaul. I figured we should start with a little kitchen reveal. I am gonna go through the whole process – beginning to end – showing you how we achieved an open and airy vibe for the heart of this home.

1 // The first thing I wanted to do when I saw this space was knock down the wall separating the front room and the kitchen. I wanted to bring more light into the space and make it feel more open to the rest of the home.

2 // I painted the island a darker color and added panelling to the side of it in order to make it feel a little more modern. I also wanted to tie in the panelling from the fireplace and bookshelf in the family room and the island seemed like a perfect place to do it!

3 // The backsplash tile was changed to a 2″x8″ subway instead of the traditional 3”x5” size, giving the backsplash a more unique look. A custom mixed dark gray/brown grout was used to really make the tiles stand out.

4 // Brass was added. Yes, I know it can be a bit much sometimes to add brass when there are tons of stainless appliances, but I am a believer in the mixing of metals and frequently do it myself. I think it turned out fabulous…freakin’ fabulous! ha!

5 // To really make a statement with the island I added a 3″ thick Calcutta top. However, in order to save some dough and have a surface that was a little more durable we used organic white caesarstone for the back counter.

6 // The ceilings are a little low, so I decided to forgo hanging lights above the island and instead just focused on finding a super rad light fixture to place above the dining room table. 

I love the feeling of the finished space! It’s exactly the look we wanted to give our fabulous clients. 

Check it out!

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