client me myself and i

being my own client is flipping hard man. Not only do I suffer with decor bi-polar, but I have serious issues with commitment. I feel sick when I make final decisions when it involves things coming into my own home because I realize I most likely just spent money on something I will tire of in 14 minutes.

Paint happens to be one of those things that for some reason, I can tell a client all day everyday what colors to paint on their walls…but my own walls, forget about it. Sleepless  and restless nights, cold sweats, it’s all to much to bear…

Because we had only a short window for the painters to get in and paint I was forced into picking paint colors super fast for the new pad…. more specifically our new master bedroom.

I wavered back and forth like 933 times, and doubted myself every step of the way . In the end I trusted my gut and I think I made the right choice

I went with “Peppercorn” From Sherwin Williams or “SW 7674 Peppercorn”.

and Oh My Gawd..ITS AMAZING!!!!

It’s such a departure from my usual pinky, fresh, neutral ethnicy thing. The house we are renting is sort of stuck in 1992. The bones and the square footage are great..but the carpet is atrocious, the kitchen is foul, and the bathrooms…i barf. It’s all I can do to not cry everyday..but I am trying my hardest to look past it all and make some magic happen.

Here is the first stages of the bedroom



the lovely shade of yellow beige..

and now a healthy dose of Peppercorn

photo 1 copy

photo 3

ahhhh so much better!!

It’s a charcoal browny, bluey, amazingly shit photos are really not doing it justice.

Here is the rug that’s helping me make a lot of the decisions

photo 4

eventually the room will look like this..



sorry for the last week and my shitty absence. We were packing on Thanksgiving and moved the day after…its been a shit storm and I am happy to start back to a schedule.

Happy Cyber Monday.

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