Posted on by Amber Lewis

Hey!, How many of you are gonna be the ones to say…
“Oh, dude…I totally was one of the first people to follow her blog, I basically discovered her blog…I am so cool Blah blah blah”
Lets have a contest….who can tell the most people about my secretly undiscovered and cool blog?
For every 10 people you get to follow my blog you win a super secret mind blowing prize.
I am giving away a CAR freshener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bet designsponge hasn’t done that. I bet

Its the cool thing to do to follow my damn blog so do it… has linked me and look at how F-ink cool they are!
Speaking of cool The LB Flea was all in all a pretty good day. Saw a lot of amazing things….took alot of pictures of ugly stuff and bought everything I thought was cool. Plus I got to hang with BFF which is always amaze-balls.