It is so close I can smell it. Epoxy and thin set that is…. My whole house wreaks of it. To me it’s the smell of success, to the Duck and G , it’s headache and hallucination inducing.  I finally feel like I have accomplished something in this whole kitchen/home makeover madness.  We are so close.

Here is where we are at… Counter tops are in and half of the back splash is up…UP!!!!!

I will start with gratuitous product name dropping as soon as we have a finished product. We couldn’t have done this without the help of soooo many people. Lovely people willing to take pity on a family desperate to get rid of the evergreen carpet and grape leaf wallpaper and cut us some sweet deals!

To be honest, I can’t tell you how pleasant all of our trades folks have been. With the exception of one bad egg in the bunch, we have been soo happy with our crew it was eye opening to see that not all major constructions have to have problems. You can have a positive experience and people who will work and be fair cost wise! I will supply names and numbers soon.

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