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Hey Friends! Remember that post I did a while back about my “Big Girl Desiscion” well…….. All is awesome and great and we are all one big happy family, however , as a team we have decided we need even a little more help around these parts. We are looking to hire on an Intern that will hopefully turn into a full time position. Currently we are all wearing many hats here at Amber Interiors. We design, we decorate, we have the Shoppe (which is expanding, more on this soon), we have a wallpaper line coming out in 2015 and we blog.  As of now, its late nights all around, and its just a little tough to do all the things we want to do. I have all the will..but I need the way (I don’t have a clue what that means)  I just know it’s time to ask for more help.

So lets talk about what we are looking for and some qualifications you must possess to apply :

– A legit interest in what we do here at Amber Interiors. as well as whats going on in the world of design. That means you keep up to date on whats happening in the world of design, blogs, magazines, and all that relative jazz.

– Photoshop skills are a MUST. You will be asked to help with mood boards, and photo touching up, plus various graphics for both blog and clients.

– The craftier and more creative the better. We need help with our DIY blog posts and sponsored content !!

– You will need to live in Los Angeles or surrounding areas, but be able to work remotely from home some days.

– You must be friendly, honest, and accountable. I am looking to hire someone who will blend right on in with us. I work from my home office and have a little one, so we like to keep it casual but need to trust the people we let get so close to us!  Also, being professional is great, but I am a personable person, so the person I hire must ALSO be personable!  

– You will be asked to be involved with the social media side of things, as well as helping me out with the blog. Knowledge of instagram, pinterest, and wordpress is pretty crucial. The more you can do, the more of an asset you will become!

:Now the Bizness part:

This position will have you helping at least 10+ hours for now and the flexibility to work a little more, if need be.

You will be working closely with me and the girls on my team to help organize our interior design project folders, create mood boards, organize fabrics, run around town, help contribute with blog content, DIY posts, and just general stuff we do daily.

You must have a reliable car, live in LA, and have a super good attitude.

In your resume please Include anything that is relevant to YOUR design and style. If you have a blog, send a link. Same with instagram, twitter feed, Pinterest… whatever you want me to see, then send so I can see who you are!

If you are currently still enrolled in school you can send me some of your school projects, as long as you feel like they truly define your style. If you know Photoshop (which you need to qualify for this position) make me a mood board showing me a dream interior, or some cute stuff collaged together.. Do something to stand out and be seen! #werk

“The Valley”
Please email me at
include your resume into the body of your email please!!!
I am really looking forward to gettin a sweet team together, so send away!
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