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I like this color combo right now: It is

I have been so mentally exhausted last week that It has been tough to think of blog posts lately. This is all I could muster today!

We got our dogie yesterday!!!! We have named her “Penny” and I am pretty much obsessed with her. She slept in between the Duck and my heads last night and it was amazing.. Maybe she snores and yes that might get extremely annoying but it was worth it to have this little face next to my pillow. 

So in other HUGE news, I have sadly parted ways with my “job job”.  Both me and my amazing and supportive boss have decided it was time for me to just completely focus on Amber Interiors. She has set me free into the world of design and now I am left to hustle and fend for myself in this crazy business.  For years I have worked with Kiki absorbing and learning her tricks of the trade. She is very talented and I could have never picked a better mentor to have learned so much from. As sad as it is to know my daily emails and phone calls from her may only be to say hello, I know that this is what is right and what will be the start of something big for both of us.  I was standing on the ledge and she basically gave me the push I needed to jump feet first into my future!! I feel so thankful to have had her in my life and will always love her.