Posted on by Amber Lewis

Like a teenage boy puts pictures of a 1994 red bathing suit clad Pamela Anderson up on their walls, I have plastered my office wall with all sorts of cool ass rugs. I have a medley of crazy afghan, kilim, Turkish rugs and a couple of Madeline Weinrib beauties. All of which I can’t afford.
I keep hoping I am gonna go on eBay and find a rug so amazing that it jumps off the page and smacks me in the teeth. So far, to my dismay, this has not happened yet.

I am going flea marketing this Sunday with my BFF and… I need nothing, but want everything. Actually I re-phrase, I NEED EVERYTHING and WANT EVERYTHING! 
I have promised my self and the Duck that I would for sure only focus on rugs.. {che-yaahh-right}
Here is some of my room porn on display. Some inspiration for my flea marketing tomorrow and maybe to keep me on track…..again{cheyaahhh rightt}

Oh and I am also going to focus on finding anything carmel and leather…Even if its old carmel colored leather jackets that I can piece meal together to make a sweet ass bed bench… I am plotting SOME NEW DIY!