Recently I was out shopping with a client when I came across these stunning pieces of artwork…..

They are hanging on the walls of Todd Romanos LA store.

 I was blown away by the colors and the scale and I knew right away I just had to have them……


The lovely Leslie who works at the store says ” I just want you to know that the prints are Dirty”…

 “Dirty?”, I asked…”Like they need to be cleaned?”

and she said..

“No, Dirty as in there is a girl, a mouth, a wiener, and a boob”

OK, she was way more professional sounding than that but all I heard was something about private bits..

Can you see the boobies, dong and licker lady????
“Lover Xc11” by G.N. Morris

if your down for this go buy it HERE

“Lover 1xxv1” signed G.N.Morris

go buy HERE

Don’t feel stupid if you can’t see it…it took me a while also

So don’t forget to enter the GRAPHIC IMAGE GIVEAWAY!!!!!
Enter cause you m
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