My office is still in a pretty big mess, however I have managed to create the MASSIVE corkboard on my wall. It’s by far one of my favorite things in the house. Right now my side of the board is decorated with all my fabric inspirations and pretty stuff, and the ducks side is looking a bit sad. He has little to put up there…..except our property tax bill
Anyways here is the “how to” of the project.

Items you’ll need:

Foam core: I measured my wall and used (9) 24″ x 30″ to get the desired size.
Duct Tape:
Cork Tiles:
Liquid Nails:
Measuring Table:
Metal Ruler:
Exact-o knife:
Spray adhesive:
Fabric of your choice:
Staple gun and staples:

So here’s the super simplified run down of how to get this job done.

First I laid out the 9 pieces of foam core onto my floor in the desired size I wanted.

Once I made sure that size was right and corners were straight I duct taped all the foam core pieces together. And cut the foam core to size using my Exacto knife.

I then took to the cork tiles and used Liquid Nails to adhere them to the cork board. As soon as they were all dry I used the Exacto knife and my metal ruler to cut off the excess cork.

I marked the measurments with pencil on to the wall and nailed the cork board onto the wall.
Once up I sprayed the cork board with spray adhesive and then applied my fabric.. I stapled along the entire board so that the fabric was doubly secured.
I finished with some trim moulding and wallah! HUGE cork board for all m my pretties~


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