DIY: Minimalist Dining Table


OH my gawwwwwwd. You guys. This DIY is just so flipping good its crazy!

My incredibly talented, ridiculously adorable, fist mate Bridgid, has knocked it outta the park with this DIY. And because she could quite possibly be THE raddest person around, she has lovingly passed this info on to you to give it a whirl.


Want to know the best part…90 bucks folks.

That’s like half a trip to Trader Joe’s, or one night out to a fancy dinner…

I say save your moolah and make your own fancy dinner on your new snazzy table.

Here is the price breakdown:

Hollow Slab Door: $28

1″ x 4″ Pine Board: 3 @ $6.50

4″ corner metal brackets: $6

Wood Screws: $3.50

Fine Sandpaper: $4

Minwax Classic Gray Stain: $8

Shellac: $14

screws and stuff: $18


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