DIY Party Favors + Miracle-Gro


We just had our one and only rain fall for the year here in Los Angeles last week. Since then its been all sunshine and 74 degree weather which means we are back to living outdoors. The Lewis clan are big on entertaining outside and any excuse to soak up the sun we are there. I recently was approached by Miracle-Gro to contribute to their Grow Something Greater Campaign and come up with a fun way to have a colorful soirée and show how easy it is to grow a garden of herbs and such on your own.  I decided to make some cute take away party favors using herbs and some easy DIY painted pots. G even got involved. The whole thing was a bunch of fun and oh so easy!

Here is what we did!


To make our table fancy I headed to the Grocery store. Trader Joes has some cute tomato cans that I emptied out to use as vases. I saw the idea on Pinterest  using some chile cans, but thought I would try these instead. Literally under $2 a can. Done and Done!


Bowls// Napkins // Tray

** The Grow Something Greater campaign is raising awareness that when we grow, we grow more than just plants. Check out their site for other fun growing ideas + tutorials and share your story and what you’re growing!**

Also, Check out the little video we made!



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