Egg Head

I have been the proud owner of one of these babies for a couple years now and I absolutely love it. It has been with us through three apartments and now resides on the front porch of our new house. In every apartment we hung it in the corner of our living room, leaving the landlords PISSED and with a giant hole in the ceiling.  The duck has a love hate relationship with the chair cause he knows he’s the one who has to crawl in the attic to find the stud to drill it into…. Just to bug him I am contemplating bringing it back inside.
Anyways, it is currently the natural rattan finish and I am thinking maybe paint it white….Here is the chair as is{in our apartment 4 years ago}, and some inspirations with it both painted and leaving it
Au Naturale.


and here is a little pic of yours truly…just because.

{Me on most days}
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