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Sorry for the lack of Posts. Let me give you a little re-cap..Last Friday, I got a phone call about a possible job to re-vamp a recording studio lounge. I was hired to do the owner of the studio and his wives house a while back, so I knew I loved working with them. When he told me “YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT DONE IN ONE WEEK” I said” oh sure NO PROB!!!”
Cut to today….Saturday and my ass is still not done!
I am so close and today will absolutely be the last day. I promise to post gobs of photos….and show tons of what I did. Just so you lovers can see a little before and after.
It has definitely been a week filled with a lot of really amazing lessons and experiences.
Also as an added bonus I have met some amazing people..all of who’s names I will not drop…however I will give you a hint.

He is really, really,really easy on the eyes.
He has long flowing hair like Fabio…although currently his hair is short, which makes him look like a hotter version of Fabio..
His nips are TINY and I might have touched his chest for fun, cause that’s not cheating.
He is currently on Redemption Island In Nicaragua on Survivor..the show.
.and his name might be Matt Elrod.

OK and he might look exactly like this…but I will never tell

OK so I know I am keeping you all in suspense. I am just really good at keeping secrets so I will not drop any names about who I have met this week……..I AM A VAULT OF SILENCE….

P.S I love Matt Elrod- he is like totally my new BFF and he’s really young so technically this makes me like the cougar version of a BFF. 

I can’t wait for all the comments of you guys trying so hard to guess who I have met.. I mean I am sooooo good at keeping secrets I will never tell.

Also this person who I have met this week has a sense of humor and showed me this video. Plus he is a Survivor…..get it!

Matt Elrod likes this video cause it’s funny…I like this video cause Matt Elrod thinks this video is funny

I will also be running a campaign come Survivor Finale time to seal the deal as M.E to win “Fan Favorite” stay tuned.