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So because of this……

we had to build this………

Let’s rewind shall we?
So the cute pooch is just that….an amazingly cute pooch named “Chrissy” although we will probably re-name her because I am not vibing on Chrissy…..I think Frankie suits her more. Anyways back to the fence…the adoption agency will not let us have her until we secure our perimeter….and rightly so. We have coyotes in these parts and she has to be safe.  

Please email me if you want the real “how to version”. We were toally inspired by the brick house and there sweet fence building skills!

 We started by purchasing some really expensive clear A redwood…only to realize we wasted money on this fancy brand of wood and that the Home Depot version of their redwood dog ear planks would work just peachy! All we did was lop off the lame dog ear and flip the planks to be horizontal. First we had to rip all of the previous owners crappy landscaping out

before carnage

after carnage

Then after various stages of watching my sweaty husband work away as I sipped NyQuil in the corner shit started to come together!

Whilst he was heaving and ho-ing away, I managed to make my way to Home goods to infect all I came in contact with…..and buy some pots.

Quick DIY
White one ….on sale…painted it black…end of…12 bucks

 I planted some succulents that I purchased at Home Depot. We put some pea gravel to cover the dirt…. This crap is only 5 bones a bag so…it worked

Finished Fence…….Now we just have one more 25 foot side to go and the Puppy will be OURS!!!