Floor Fiassco!

Ok So I am in floor sample hell. I HATE all flooring except everything I absolutely can’t afford. I keep telling myself “to stop thinking so much like a designer and think more like every other person on the planet” and I just can’t do it. I have had 2 floor companies come bid my house and one company are lovely and sooo easy to work with, and the other company is annoying and expensive. You would think the choice would be simple……….NOT AT ALL…
Lets just say the awesome company who are so easy to work with and extremely well priced have really crappy floors.

The other company who are not so nice or easy have AMAZING FLOORS I CANT AFFORD.

I have one more company to go meet with tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the answer and they will be the full package. Kiki has used them in her design Biz for 10 years and she swears that they are wonderful in every way. I trust her!

Ill keep you all posted.

Here are some of what I am going for floor wise/color and widths

These are the samples I have chosen so far….so different than what I want. Maybe I need to head back to the showroom?
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