Foraged Flora Workshop with Louesa Roebuck

If you don’t know Louesa Roebuck, welllll then, I am sorry! Get with the program and get to know this rad woman.

We had the pleasure of hosting Louesa, author of Foraged Flora for a sunset workshop at Shoppe Pacific Palisades a couple Sundays ago with some incredible people. Like I said, Louesa is a force and we could use more people like her on this earth. Let me tell you WHY.

Louesa is a champion for making the world a better place and actually using what the earth naturally provides us. What a concept right?! 

She showed up to our Shoppe with a hatchback filled to the brim with foraged florals like passion flowers with passion fruit on the vines and fennel from Ojai, Malibu and locally bought florals from Sweet Mountain Top in Carpinteria a la the Ojai Farmers Market. Oh and not to mention, she brought jars and jars of macerated Ojai pluot sake. Yes, you read that right. She macerated sake with Ojai pluot (plum + apricot hybrid) overnight for a pretty much perfect drink. (PS. Should we try and get the recipe from Louesa and share it on the blog?!)

Her message to the lovely crew was simple and powerful: be free-spirited with your arrangement, observe your environment and always use what is local and available. Like I said, luckily Louesa brought a car-filled-worth of local options and the final arrangements were simply gorgeous. See for yourself. The night was magical and everyone walked away with a locally foraged and sourced arrangement in a vintage vessel and a signed copy of Foraged Flora.

Who’s coming to the next workshop?! We’re putting together a great lineup for events over at Shoppe… so STAY TUNED for the next!!!

Photos by Candida Wohlgemuth

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