+Friday Thoughts on Things+

As of this afternoon I am officially on my longgg overdue vacay to MEXICO!

These past few weeks have been more than hectic and we are still trying to get the last few things checked off the to do list. I can’t stress how excited I am to put my feet up, order a cocktail at 9am guilt free, and check out for a bit! Plus I am really looking forward to the just hang with the Duck and G for the week sans computers, cell phones, and work to tend to. Well, I will still have my cell….mainly so I can annoy you all with pictures of me on the damn beach!

Anywhooo, Before I shove off, here is a few of this week’s musings..

Friday Thoughts5.15


1 //    I read this article and laughed out loud. Luckily I do NOT decorate like a hipster. But I can relate…although I don’t feel like it’s a “hip” thing…I feel like its a youth thing…especially the part about mason jars and bikes on a wall.

2 // G and I were given a goodie bag of the CUTEST cutes for our trip to Mehico. We were very spoiled! G scored 3 pieces from Mara Hoffman Kids (which in my opinion are literally the cutest kids clothes around) and I was given the cutest skirt, and 2 dresses from Ella Moss. Cant wait to get these packed up in my suitcase! Speaking of Packing…did you happen to see JCrew are offering 25% off on a slew of cute clothes. Use code PACKME

3 // This wallpaper is maje. Chairish just introduced that they will be carrying Wallpaer. I have my eye on this remnant of Stroheim Woodhall Printed Sisal Wallpaper– it looks like a block printed fabric and is so fab.

4 // It has been HOT here folks. Like were talking, nearly breaking a hundred degrees. Stumbled on this idea for Gummy Bear Popsicles ~ Gummy Bears & Sprite… What little kid/grown ass adult wouldn’t love a Sprite Popsicle filled with gummy bears?! These are definitely on the to do list when we return!

5 // Pro selfie tips from a pro photographer. Need I say more?!?!

6 // No carb PASTA???? WTF. Why on earth am I just finding out about this? No Carb pasta might just be dream food.

I’m out lovers!! Happy weekend!

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