Friday: thoughts on things



1 // Since I can’t cook I have become fixated with this blog about cooking. My top fave “food blog” of the moment is A Cozy Kitchen. It’s filled with yummy recipes that although I most definitely would destroy, I can appreciate! Halibut in a papillote //

2 // I am pretty into this clutch. Anyone have it yet? Is it just as cute in person?

3 // I want to go to HERE. The Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. Anyone ever been?

4 //# IDIE for these moccasins! I already own the similar style in sandals..but who cares right? More tassels the better in my book.

5 //Add these little  sonora cocktail napkin to your bar for a little POP.

6 // Apparently water is good for you, ha! I get super bored of water so THIS little citrus zinger is the answer to it all!

7 // THIS necklace with THIS fave white tee. Nuff said

8 // I started wearing earrings again, these staple studs are understated yet pretty. I love!

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