Friday : Thoughts on Things


Time needs to slow the F down. How is it already Friday again?! Here are a few noteworthy things I’ve run across while trolling the web this week..

1. THIS broiled grapefruit drizzled with honey and banana looks so delish.

2.  I’m not one to wear a lot of makeup. But a great mascara goes a LONGGGG way. THIS list of top 12 mascaras to try is next on my list of primping to-dos.

3. I can’t take THESE boots off. They go with everything. Go grab them quick fast and wear them with THESE shorts and THIS Tshirt..

4. I was introduced to this blog and now I am HOOKED. It’s like the cliff notes for all things tabloids. Go check it out!! Love and Knuckles — I read the Tabloids So You Don’t Have To 

5. I love the springy colors of THESE Acapulco chairs. I’ll take two please with a pina colada and an umbrella.

6. THESE surfboards are totally rad and enough to make me take up the sport.

7. I am over the moon excited to have teamed up with super talent Gray Malin to make a collab collection. I’ll be taking more about what’s in the works soon, but in the meantime let’s drool over his gorg photographs..

8. I went ahead and lost my mind friends. I couldn’t take another solitary second without a break to look forward to, so I booked a week away HERE. I decided life is just too short to not have a fruity cocktail by a pool once a year.

Happy weekend lovers!


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