Friday : Thoughts on Things


Another week for the books, friends. If you follow me on Insta you saw that G bashed her head at school and had to have 5 stitches. She of course was just fine, but me on the other hand…I was a basket case. I plan on settling my shattered nerves by mixing THIS special cocktail this weekend and drinking at least 5. One for every stitch in her beautiful head. Why the hell not?! Cinnamon Fireball Cream Soda..Nuff Said

As if I need another pair.. I’ve got my eye on THESE booties. Next week I will be checking myself into a Bootie Anonymous meeting to help me cope with the addiction.

I uploaded a butt load of beautiful new rugs to le Shoppe. Get one quick before they’re gone and I hoard them forever. THIS one is at risk of living with me forever, it’s just way to gorgeous

THIS article made me laugh. Silly pets

This artist has some serious vision! Check out THESE insane un-photoshopped scenes.

I am so interested in trying this “oil pulling” thing. Apparently it’s a legit way to feel better, whiten your teeth, rid your body of toxins and do a ton of other beneficial things. Anyone try this yet? What were your experiences with it?

THIS pouf would be extremely cute in a little girl’s room… or a big girl’s room.. I’ll take 2!

THESE custom “ID” rings are on my wish list!! They would be a super cute gift for an expecting “Mama.” While you are there make sure to check out the cute BLOG as well.

Planning our spring and summer vacations, and on the “to do” list is get our “glamp” on at El Capitan Canyon.

THIS article about the “6 things only Design-Lovers understand,” is pretty much the best thing ever. I am constantly trying to justify to clients almost everything on this list.. any of you “design lovers” agree??

I hope you lovers have a fab Friday!

++ Cheers to the freakin’ weekin’ ++

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