Friday: thoughts on things


1//V-Day is coming up, and I refuse to be subtle in my approach this year with The Duck…..So, HEY FOOL I WANT THESE BANGLE BRACELETS. Thanks, I love you!

2//I am designing a few cute kids rooms at the moment and I am using THIS cute mobile as an accent in one of them. It’s also kinda cool that it doubles as a wind chime. Maybe its melodic sounds will mellow out everyone in the house, especially the tween who’s room it’s for, HA!

3// I am not really and eyeshadow girl per say, however lately, as I age…and my not so fresh face starts to get me down, I have been heading for a little eyeshadow to brighten my eyes. I feel like THIS PALETTE from The Balm is the perfect way to get every color you may need but all in one spot.

4//Lets discuss all the elements of THIS BAG that literally make it perfect….fringe=check, olive green=check, Valentino=check, out of my price range=check

5// I am not late to the game or anything but ole’ NATEY B has gone and done it again…..Damn Nate and his awesome use of bringing hip design to the masses

6// This quote is a fantastic reminder that we are all trying to just figure it out sometimes, and that it’s OK to just let our journey’s be what they will be.

7// THESE bright-hued beauties are available for your purchasing pleasure over on Shoppe…which BTW is getting ANOTHER face-lift that will go live in April. I can’t wait to show you all the new goodies we will be carrying.

8// I have spoken about the best Pajama line EVER, Maison Du Soir before, but I have yet to own every piece in the gorgeous collection. I have my eye on THIS two piece set. I think it would make a perfect V-Day gift!!

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