// Friday Thoughts on Things //

Wanna know something stupid?? On thanksgiving I am hosting 27 adults and 3 children at my house. If you want to know what I will be doing this weekend, it will mainly involve me sitting in a corner, fetal position, rocking back and forth, repeating over and over, “I can do this, I can do this, I will survive, I have faith in humanity” etc.

Normally, I would plan on getting drunk for the 7 days up until Thanksgiving and then getting 10x more drunk ON thanksgiving. However, here is a fun fact, I actually can’t get drunk at all even if I try. Seriously, it’s the strangest and saddest thing and its all kinda new. I try to drink all sorts of things. Tequilla, vodka, wine, lighter fluid, cough syrup…nothing works. Rose’ does on occasion, but it’s not consistent and just ends up giving me a headache. Seems stupid for me to be telling you all this, but I wonder if this happens to anyone else? Isn’t this so weird??

I guess the perk would be that I can eliminate the calories from my diet….but at this point I have yet to see a difference in the missing alcohol calories. HA!Anyways, lets talk about other thoughts I have had on things this week.


1// SERIAL!!! Have you guys heard of this podcast yet? Serial-ously it’s addicting beyond addicting. I have been going to sleep listening, and all I want to do all day long is listen to this damn podcast and ignore life. It sort of makes me want to exercise so I can mindlessly walk on the treadmill and listen to Serial. Get the info HERE

2// Working on picking colors for my Wallpaper collab with Studio Four NYC. It won’t be out until Feb 2015, but I am crazy excited about it!

3// What do we think about a Geo Cardigan? I like THIS one, but is it in or out?

4//THESE pillows belong on sofas all over the land. Snag yourself one.

5// If you missed it, Furbish had a really good “Pop Up Shop” with Artist Kindah Khalidy. I am thinking I need this, this, and this;p piece.

6//While I have a deep-rooted issue with the word “SMEG” , I appreciate the product. Especially these cute little toasters in a slew of colors. They are now selling them at West Elm which is having a 20% off sale on a bunch of stuff. X-mas shopping a go-go!

7// THIS article about negative comments on design and decor websites is a super interesting read. All I wanna know is “can’t we all just get along?”

8// This floor DIY is super clever. Have some ugly linoleum?? Slap some geometric wood on that bitch and all is right with the world.

!!Happy Friday lovers!!

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